Georgia Center for Youth Excellence (GACYE) visits The Movement

The Movement was visited by Michael Daniels to discuss their non-profit youth shelter. The organization is called Georgia Center for Youth Excellence (GACYE). They are a 501c3 organization operating by a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services. Michael Daniels used his time on The Movement to reach out to the WAOK community to let listeners know what they can do and the options they may have in referring people in need or donating.

How do you end poverty? You start with kids.

GACYE helps needy children escape poverty and end the ripple effect that lasts for generations.


Georgia Center for Youth Excellence is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to providing high-quality human services programming for youth aged 10-22 who are at risk of being failed by one or more adult-driven system.

Our vision is to engage, develop, and empower young people with the tools and resources necessary for them to become productive and valued members in their respective communities.


Who we are

Our programs and services are designed with the intentions of transforming young people's feelings and experiences about their issues through a positive youth development approach. Georgia Center for Youth Excellence will meet the youth where they are in life so that we can effectively serve as the community catalyst of change in their future.

Positive Change For Youth in Georgia

Do you know someone who may be in need of our services?

What we do

Established in 2016, the Georgia Center for Youth Excellence is an organization who's goals are:

Providing a multitude of programs and services in a safe environment that will contribute to their asset building development

Enhancing leadership development among the youth

Serving as a community-based organization that is an extension to the learning provided in their educational development

Multicultural bridge building services for immigrants, refugees and other youth that have migrated to the United States for better opportunities.

Providing supportive services for youth that are victims of homelessness, sexually exploitation, drug or alcohol abuse or any other abuse that prevents them from becoming productive citizens in their communities.

Be a part of the change

Join us in helping to change the lives of youth in our communities.

How you can help

We accept gently used youth clothing ( teenage boys) as well as electronics, gently used furniture as well as cash. All donations are tax deductible. Please feel free to give us a call to arrange pick or drop off. Please Call 678-545-6451 or email us at

Support change for youth

Support the youth of Georgia!


Caring Arm Transitional Living Program

GACYE Transitional Living Program provides long-term residential services for homeless youth aged 16-22

Safe House Permanent Supportive Housing

GACYE Permanent Supportive Housing Program provides long-term residential services for homeless youth ages 18-24


Make a gift to help get money and attention where it will make the biggest difference in ensuring that our youth have appropriate shelter and food to eat.


GACYE needs your help! Courageous boys and girls around our community are in need of support and resources to live productive lives. Join us and support youth in furthering their educational and career pursuits finding stability and a positive future!